Facebook to acquire Meteor

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EDIT TL:DR This post was a joke for April Fools Day 2015. Please read it with the jest I intended it for.

Meteor, an open sourced full stack javascript framework, will now be under the watchful eye of Facebook following a recent acquisition. The acquisition comes hot on the heels of what many see as a rise in popularity of the React framework and it's new React Native platform.

Referring to Meteor, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on a private call for comment, "I am just really impressed by what I've seen from the Meteor team and their Cordova support, I can't wait to see what they can do with the dominate platform of Facebook."

Many Meteor developers won't be shocked by this, after seeing a sharp rise in posts on Crater.io about Meteor + React. Crater chief-honcho, Josh Owens, gave us an idea about Meteor + React being on the rise: "I've just noticed that about 25.666% of the posts lately have referenced React in some way. This has been a big increase since January and the ReactConf."

The rise can be most likely be contributed to the fact that Meteor developers are looking for things like guidance on key points like server-side rendering, which React provides. There is also the other important piece of React Native which has touted producing better performance compiled applications than something like Cordova.

When reached for comment, Meteor's CEO Geoff Schmidt has this to say: "Given our commitment to the Client/Cloud platform, this acquisition just made sense to us. We can now build the best and most dominate platform without having to worry about all the money raising activities."

Meteor's head of Product Development, Matt DeBergalis, also has this to add: "Well, we just took a look at what we thought was best for the community. And, you know, this just made sense for us. Moo-tools looked like it would be a winner and then jQuery came along. No one ever took a look at combining the teams behind Moo-tools & jQuery, but we think it can make sense here."

Some speculate that it was the key hiring of former Facebook employee Ben Newman that made this deal come together. He has been slowly working on a Meteor version of the React package and may have inadvertently created a back-channel for Facebook's interest in the platform. Whatever the case is, the connection was made and now the acquisition is happening.

When reached for comment, chief investor Marc Andreessen had this to add about the deal, "My role was instrumental in this deal being both the chief backer of Meteor and on the board at Facebook. I am thrilled to see an ROI on an open source investment like Meteor! If nothing else, this will 10x the Facebook dev community".

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Note: No one quoted above was actually reached for comment.

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